Samuel couldn’t really make out the teller…

He had finally gotten to the front of the line, and the bank had grown warmer and much more smokey.  Samuel was struggling to breathe and pondered shrugging his coat off his shoulders to give himself some breathing room.  People were leaping over the guard rail waving their hands holding withdrawal slips.


 Samuel laughed at this thought, all the way to the front of the line and he had forgotten a withdrawal slip.  Then something grabbed him.  It felt much stronger than a human which is why Samuel instinctively felt it was some thing, not some one.  His body whirled around and the thing standing in front of him grabbed him by the face.  

It was an uncomfortable feeling, the nails digging into his skull and crushing his nose, and he struggled with the hands that bound him.  The hands felt cold, not from weather, and withered.  Samuel pulled the hand from his face, scratch marks tracing down his cheeks and forehead, and the wrists and arms broke.  

The creature did not howl or groan; the people did.  Chaos broke out and Samuel immediately went over the teller’s desk.  He turned his head to see the creature fall over and crack its head against the tile.  He saw someone step on its head and crush the skull.  The thing’s eyes squished and drooled their insides all over the floor.  There had to be a back door, but the tellers were too panicked.  

“Listen to me sister!  There’s not a whole lot of time, either you tell me where we high tail it or we’re dust!”  One of the ladies shook her bottom lip, ashing her cigarette as she did so.  “You going to open your mouth, or aint ya!?”  Samuel shook her and she whimpered, the cigarette falling lifelessly from her lips.  “Sweet Saint Mary!”  There were too many people between here and the front door and this banker broad sure wasn’t going to get vocal anytime soon.  

It would be safe to duck out here for awhile.  

About twenty minutes passed before the chaos subsided.  The crowd had faded and there were broken glass and blood streaks all over the tile.  Several people had been trampled, and Samuel’s heels clicked a high pitch that resonated within the arches of the building as he stepped over their crumpled bodies. 

And then they got up.  

He turned in time to see three of them lunge at him.  They all went crashing through the doors that shattered behind them.  He landed hard and felt the glass digging into his neck and hands, any where there was exposed skin.  

One of the three stradled Samuel and thrashed fingers and nails at his face.  Samuel was trying to cover up, but the nails dug at his flesh and he howled in pain.  In desperation, he flung his fist out into open space, hoping to land on something.  Instead, one of the others kicked his arm, at the elbow and fractured the bone at the joint.  He could no longer cover up, and the things tore at him.  

Before things went dark, he felt a hand digging into his throat, felt the air rush out of him, replaced with his own fluid, watched the creatures eat him alive.


You died

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