Samuel got up from his chair and flipped on the radio…

Static. And then a voice pierced the small speakers.


“Birch Ballagher here with a special flash bulletin! Authorities have reported several incidents of what they describe as an ‘inconceivable atrocity!’ Over 35 bodies found mutilated, with bites and scratches all over their skin near 5th and 59th. The boys in blue say there was clear evidence of a struggle but have been unable to say elaborate on this atrocity. We can tell you that authorities have begun questioning residents of the nearby Central Park Hooverville! . A sure sign of these desperate times. Will New York’s finest ever get to the bottom of this malicious massacre? More to come as this reporter covers the unfolding story.  For National News this is Birch Ballagher saying, until we meet again, keep living that American dream.”


The radio began carrying tunes, but Samuel couldn’t focus on them. He lit another cigarette and picked the times up again. Ballagher said the authorities were questioning the homeless. Could they have already become so desperate? Samuel coughed and felt a sickness in his stomach as he thought about hunger.


He wondered what could have caused this behavior. So close to the Hooverville… Could it be so open and shut? Even if the hobo’s in central park had killed those people, Samuel could not shake the feeling that the city as a whole should bear responsibility.  He shook his head and tried to hold back his emotions. He could not imagine a world full of such desperation any more than he could picture the mass grave in his mind.  


He poured himself another cup of coffee and opened the times again.  Samuel tapped his foot with the music as he perused the front page headlines. His eyes fell upon a headline concerning Genetech. Apparently, the medical company was facing hard times.


Samuel had once invested with Genetech a few years back when the company first opened. Their yields sustained Sam and even gave him enough to partner up with Hadley and Johnston. They had begun manufacturing a cure all for common ailments that was a sleeper hit in the retail sector. Sam had seen inserts for their supplement in the magazines he read.  In no time flat, the pill showed up in markets and pharmacy’s all across the nation.


The company had recently hit the breaks on a groundbreaking test they were conducting. When complications in the test arose and the data was compromised, the company was left with a substantial tab and many unanswered questions.  The article did not mention what the testing involved, only that the results were taken as inconclusive.


Samuel grunted and flipped the pages. More stories about banks being run out and suicides from high level executives. He made his way to the opinion section where he read a charged letter concerning the homeless population in Manhattan.


The letter made reference to a violent attack about a week ago. A young couple was out on a morning walk when they were attacked by a crazed man. The man beat the husband and attempted to descend upon the wife but she was able to get away. Police never recovered the body of the husband. The letter called for reform for the jobless. It argued that desperation had become a product of necessity.


Samuel sniffed and ruffled the paper.


They were playing standards on the radio and Samuel finally felt it was time to pull himself out of his morning stupor and into a shower. He would have a long day ahead of himself.   

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