Samuel stood against the oncoming crowd…

There were too many of them, and he froze.  Where would he have ran off to anyhow?  They came in one large wave and they were panicked.  There was no stopping them.  


Men crashed into Samuel and he fell onto his back. He tried to cover up, he pulled himself into a ball, but this didn’t help much.  Those that didn’t trip and fall over him stepped on him or kicked him in the ribs or the back.  The pain was excruciating and from the floor, it seemed the stampede would never end.  


Eventually his arms and back gave out, they didn’t break, they just stopped holding on.  He layed on the concrete as the crowd got thinner.  No one stopped to check on him.  


He was breathing, and only one of his arms was broken.  He felt like a cigarette now more than ever.  His vision was hazy, but he could make out more than a few bodies on the floor.  Others had been left in the road as well.  


The plate glass windows of the bank shattered and three of those things dashed out into the street.   With every ounce of himself, he reached for the colt in his waistband.  The gun weighed more than he remembered, but he was still able to aim it.  


Two of the three went toward a body laying in the street.  They knelt down to it and began ripping it to shreds.  Samuel closed his left eye and sucked in his breath.  


The gunshot resonated in the city streets and one of the two crumpled to the floor, half its skull missing.   The other one stood up and whipped its head around toward Samuel.  He tried to aim the revolver toward the creature and fired.  Its body reared to the right as it took the shell to the shoulder.   Then it came running.   Samuel fired off another shot, but it sailed wide of the bastard as it descended upon him.  Samuel could not fight it off, he did not have the strength.  He just lay there thinking that one last cigarette would have been nice.  


You Died


Hours Later 

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