Without a moment’s hesitation…

The way the crowd moved was like a school of fish. Samuel couldn’t really make anything out past the haze of their faces bleeding in and out. In the stillness of this trampling mass, Samuel’s pecoat tugged against a current of knees and sides that shifted off balance with the movement of everyone else. Everyone, but Samuel. He dragged on his Chesterfield and grit his teeth. These sons of bitches seemed to be causing some real trouble in there. The people in the crowd that noticed his gun weaved away from him, their frantic screaming damn near piercing. A woman came crashing to the floor and was trampled to death. Samuel could hear her breaking under the feet of those around her.


The bank doors flew open again as stragglers scattered from the inside. Two of those others jumped from the windows of the bank. Samuel had never seen someone leap through a plate glass window and run full speed afterward. They were chasing a man in a long trench coat who ran with his hand atop his hat trying desperately trying to keep it atop his head.


The creatures tackled the man and immediately began to beat him. There was the roar of the crowd, the ever present honk of New York taxi’s and the muted blows they gave to this man. Samuel could see him giving out, saw them break parts of him.


They were ravenous.


Samuel raised the peace maker and fired. His hand became a .45 caliber slingshot. His whole body shook with the impact, and one of them fell over. Samuel rushed the other. “You rotten scum! I’ll take you down with my bare hands!” He gripped the waist of this thing and brought it to the floor.


He straddled the creature, looking to deck it across the face again. The skin was ripped from the face in places and milky reddish white blood dripped from the open wounds. Samuel wrapped his hand around its throat and choked it. It did not stop. He tore his thumbs into its throat, felt its vocal chords. It did not stop. He throttled it against the concrete and cracked its skull upon the street. It still did not stop.


Samuel set his knee over the thing’s throat and held it there. He took another drag and exhaled. He turned his head, aimed the pistol at its forehead and blasted it’s skull to pieces. People screamed everywhere, and sticky milky blood was all over his finest pecoat. Not much to do but sit around and wait. The crowd began to thin, and Samuel inspected his kills.


And that’s when the trampled woman got up.


Samuel didn’t see her, but he heard her fall over. He turned to see a woman, pale and bruised, hobbling on one good foot and a broken ankle. The poor thing actually reached its hands out to him. Samuel rushed to it and as he saw its features closer, he realized that woman was gone.


The thing that replaced her drooled and swiped at him. Its arm was fractured in two places, the thing whipped around like a wet noodle. Samuel shot the walking corpse and it spun to a face plant on the concrete. Its skull cracked open and Samuel saw the thick milky blood slowly poor out onto the concrete.


The police showed up shortly there after. They found Samuel on his haunches holding the revolver. The police were quite anxious to know why three people were lying dead in the street, with bullet holes.


“You’re coming with us boy.”


“Murphy, lay off him would you? I’m sure he’s got a perfectly good explanation for this one.”


The other officer said as he wandered off to the the man that had been beaten. He was somehow still alive. “Hey Murphy, take a look at this! We got a live one here. Come on buddy, on your feet.” Samuel took a long look at the beaten man. He had some broken fingers and he was badly bruised, but he seemed responsive.


The officer named Murphy knealt down to meet Samuel at his level. “I could cuff you nice and easy, or you could give me a ruckus about it. What’s it going to be buster?”


“You’ll get no trouble from me, Officer.”


Part II

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