Part II: The Opening Bell

Samuel sighed and waited for Murphy to help him to his feet.  No point in struggling, he’d already let them cuff him, but if that thing was going to lose it again, Samuel would have to move quickly.  

Murphy’s partner tried to slap the cuffs on the beast, but it broke free of his grasp.  The officer went for his billy club, but the creature over powered him.  “Murphy!  Help!”  Murphy snapped to attention in time to see the creature bring his partner to the concrete.  

Samuel turned to face the scuffle and watched the monster straddle the officer.  Murphy dashed toward the fight and took out his own club.  The thing was tearing his partner’s throat out and throwing up all over him.  Murphy gagged and doubled over at the horror of what he saw.  

Eventually his partner stopped screaming and the thing got its fill of his flesh.  It looked up at Murphy, drooling milky red vomit from its lips and it snarled at him.  Murphy swung the club and cracked the creature across the neck with it.  The frail spinal cord fractured over the shape of the club, an audible pop hung in the air.  Murphy hit it again.  Coagulated blood spattered against his cheeks.  Murphy hit it again, and again.  

Samuel watched the officer of the law take out his aggression on whatever the hell that thing was.  “You!”  Murphy got up and pointed the club at Samuel.  “You scoundrel!  My partner’s dust because of you!  give me one good reason I ought not to thump your blasted skull in!”

“I warned you.”  He said it non chalantly.  Murphy rushed to Samuel, dropped the club on the sidewalk and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck.  Murphy jerked Samuel into a stand, had actually lifted him from the ground and planted him firmly on his own feet.  

“You’re going to tell me what the hell is going on here.”  

“The sky is falling.”  Samuel felt like a cigarette.  9:30 AM and this was already shaping up to be one of the worst days of his life.  

“Very funny wise guy. You’re coming with me to the station.”

Samuel squared himself to face Murphy.  “Listen buster, you wanna let me out of these things?  I got plenty of respect for the law, see?  I just didn’t do anything I didn’t need to do.  Trust me buddy, I was in the War, I’m a damn hero.  Every ounce of me loves this country, I came here to take my money out of this bank.  I got scared, we’re all scared.  It’s just shaping up to be a bad day.  You want to go down to the station, fine, but I’m asking you to uncuff me so I could at least defend myself.  You saw what that thing did to your partner.”

Murphy seemed to consider this.  “You’re damn smart brother.  Yes sir, I almost bought what you were selling, but I know better.  Look I don’t care what that thing did to my partner, I see plenty of bodies around here and only you to answer for that.  Whatever happened to those people could happen to me.  I’m an officer so you got nothing to worry about.  I appreciate your service to this country, I’m an army man myself, but it doesn’t absolve you in the eyes of the law.  I’ll call it in and we’ll get going as soon as someone shows up.”

Samuel nodded and looked out over the street.  “You mind reaching into my coat pocket here and grab me a smoke?  It’s been a hell of a morning.”

Murphy was not amused.  

They waited for several hours…

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