Welcome to the Zombie Bank Run

This is a choose your own adventure story.  This means that their are multiple ways to achieve the same objective as well as discover new avenues.  You can also kill our main character if you’re not careful.  

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Update 5/22 — Zombie Bank has moved! Please click here for the continuing story! Check here for news and updates.

Update 4/30 — Part I begins anew…

Update 4/24 — New prologue

Update 4/14 — From the People that Brought you Silent Hill

Update 4/13 — Konami Engineers the Zompocalypse

Update 4/10 — WWZ Concept Art

Update 4/9 — Jim Henson PresentsTasty zombie treats

Update 4/9 – Jim Henson presents, Tasty Zombie Treats

Update 4/8 – Neuroscience, Zombies and You

Update 4/7- Presenting Zombie News! The most up to date info on Zombies!

Update 3/13 – Rewrites and Edits

Update 3/12  – Beginning of Part III

Update 3/9 – Part II complete! Be on the lookout for Part III coming soon…

Update 3/3 – Minor editing/and a new scene The Lobby Situation

Update 3/1 – New Choice, The Captain’s office

update 2/22 – Rewrites and a new choice, Murphy and Samuel travel to the basement of the station…

Update 2/17 – Murphy takes Point

Update 2/15 – New choices for Part II

Update 2/12 – Editing/Rewriting.  

Update 2/11 – Editing/Rewriting.  No story alterations, just details. =)

Update 2/10 – Beginning of Part II complete.  First choices presented, but scenarios to be written

Update 2/9 – All paths to part II complete.  Part II has also begun.

Update: 2/5 – Two possible paths to Part II complete.  Still have not written beginning to Part II.

Update:2/4 – New Death scene available! Like the logo?  We’ve got it on long sleeve shirts and hoodies!